Thursday 23 June 2022

Abandoned vehicle, Northern Cape

Acrylics on Masonite, 15 x 20 cm:


I have been tinkering with a new story, but in the meantime it is fun to paint a bit again. Perhaps not the kind of subject matter everyone enjoys, but to me, this kind of slow decay, as nature gradually reasserts itself over the works of man, holds a certain magic I can't quite verbalize. And thus, I paint it.

Monday 13 June 2022

The Crow Brings Daylight

 I have started a whole new series of children's books, this time dedicated to folktales from North America. The first in the series, titled The Crow Brings Daylight, is now available. It is a delightful folktale of the Inuit people that tells the story of how the perpetual darkness of the far north ended when the crow brought daylight to these regions.

If you enjoyed this story, please consider buying a copy.  

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