Friday 7 January 2011

Scavenger hunt

I recently went through one of my periodic artistic crises: I simply couldn't draw anymore. I seemed to have regressed to the point where I was ten years ago. It was partly perhaps simply that I had been busy and had not really drawn anything for several months. But I began to realize what the problem was: I had become lazy and instead of setting up simple still life arrangements or taking a sketchbook outside to draw from life, I had begun to rely on reference photos.

Some people can make beautiful art from reference photos. I can't. Whenever I try, the result is always the same: everything is out of proportion and flat and uninteresting, and looks less real than a stick figure. I learn this lesson about once every year, and then I forget it again. So here I once again promise myself to never draw from reference photos again. Not that I ever have time for more than rather rough sketches anyway.

As part of this New Years' resolution (and I thought I never make such resolutions!), I participated in a game on WetCanvas called "Scavenger hunt," in which one tries to draw one or more items from a somewhat random list, with basically the only rule being that they have to be drawn from direct observation, rather than from photos or memory.

So here's my scavenger hunt drawing, perhaps the first of many, of a yellow cling peach and a glass tot measure:

As often with my amateurish drawings, it is in common old HB pencil on equally common and cheap old printer paper, 18cm x 12cm.

A new beginning

Some years ago, I had a blog here on blogger. One day it froze up, and wouldn't let me post anything new or edit existing posts. All it still allowed me to do was to delete it, which I then did because there seemed little else to do. I then restarted blogging on LiveJournal, but never really quite liked the format. I recently discovered another new advantage of blogger, and that is that unlike LiveJournal, you can upload images here directly; you don't have to host them somewhere else.

So I have now abandoned my old blog at LiveJournal, but it will not be deleted, and can still be seen here. But nothing new will be posted there, unless this blog once again freezes up.

Whether I'll have time this year for much of anything remains to be seen, so it is just possible that nothing much will go on here anyway.

As with its previous incarnation, I use this blog mostly to stroke my own ego: various musings on whatever strikes my fancy. And of course also to publish my creative efforts for critique by members of the various message boards I belong to, or whoever else cares to bother.