I write mainly children's books, ranging from picture books for younger children to tween reads. Here you can follow links to extracts from the books, as well as links to buy them.

Currently Available Titles

Why the Sun and Moon Live in the Sky

 A retelling of a Nigerian folktale, which explains why the Sun and Moon nowadays live up in the sky, instead of down here on earth as they used to. New, original illustrations. Ages 5 - 8.

Tall Trouble

 Sarah finds a lost giraffe in the garden. What on earth does one do with a giraffe? She finds out as she and the giraffe set out to find its home... Ages 5 - 8.

Cheap e-book (not necessarily in color).

The Tale of Wally Whale

Feeling sick to his stomach for no good reason, Wally has to travel all the way to the coral reef, to go ask the Sea Wizard for a cure... Ages 5 - 8.

This one is only available in electronic format. Buy on Amazon.

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The Ghoul of Getty Street

 Seventh grader Thomas Avalon has a hobby that takes him into some rather dark places. Ghosts? Aliens? He has seen it all. So when someone - or something - starts murdering people's pets just a few blocks from his home, he is fascinated rather than scared. Together with his best friend Rhapsody he begins to investigate the case. But for once in his career of investigating the paranormal, he may just be in over his head...
176 pages; aimed at tween readers, but younger and older readers may also enjoy. Note that it contains some scary bits.

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The Ten Horns

 Francis, Alice and Laura are invited to spend a week on their uncle's game farm in the wilderness of eastern South Africa. Their holiday soon turns into a nightmare when they run into a gang of ruthless, heavily armed poachers. The mystery deepens: what is hidden in the tool shed next to the house? Why is the farm manager suddenly so evasive about it? Why does it look more and more as if their uncle is involved in organized crime? Cut off from the outside world, they have only their own wits to go on, as they try to solve the mystery of the Ten Horns.
114 pages; suitable for tween readers.

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The Garden Gnome's Journey

 The Gnome with the Green Cap has to travel across the garden to visit his friend, the Hobgoblin, in order to buy something he needs very much. But along the way he runs into more troubles than he ever dreamed of. Will he ever get to his destination?
60 pages; ages 8 - 12

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