Saturday 22 October 2022

Witch landing

 Witches from all over are currently landing at your local airport for the seasonal festival. Children beware!

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Thursday 20 October 2022

Weaver bird

 Female weaver bird sitting in a chain link fence. As city dweller, this is how I often observe my wildlife!

HB pencil on 20 x 15 cm paper:

Thursday 13 October 2022

Even witches need to rest

 Pencil drawing, digitally colored:

Prints are available - see link below.

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Saturday 1 October 2022

Whimsical things

 Been playing around with making pencil sketches and then adding color digitally. I had quite a bit of fun creating these rather whimsical, cartoonish designs:

Prints are available at Saatchi Art.

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