Monday 29 June 2020

The Amazing Unusual Animal ABC

I have completed my latest adventure in children's book writing:

A is for apple, B for book? Says who? Here is an ABC book featuring some of the lesser known creatures of the world, with a bit of information about each.

Some sample pages:

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Monday 22 June 2020

Cape hunting dog

Oil on Masonite, ACEO (= about 65 x 90 mm):

I haven't painted anything in ages, but have been itching to do so, and to try out a medium I haven't used in years, namely oils. I was rather relieved to see that while my painting has become a bit rusty, my old oil paints are for the most part still perfectly usable.

To start with, I stuck to a limited palette of black, white, yellow ocher and burnt umber. For this sort of subject matter you don't really need much else anyway, though the reference photo I used was definitely more colorful, particularly in the background.