Thursday 27 April 2023

Portrait study

 Paul Kruger. Acrylics on board, 15 x 10 cm:

With portraits I am thoroughly out of my comfort zone, and they always tend towards the awkward side. But that is partly precisely why I do them - always a good idea to push oneself a bit. I stick to grisaille though; I really don't trust my ability to mix proper skin tones yet!

Sunday 23 April 2023

Summer landscape, highveld

 Acrylics on board, 15 x 20 cm:


With good summer rains, which by no means happens every summer, the highveld region becomes as green as Ireland. Beautiful as it is, it then becomes a horror to paint - there is no more difficult color to work with in a landscape than green!

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Sunday 16 April 2023

Off the R42 near Bronkhorstspruit

 Acrylics on board, 15 x 20 cm:


A winter scene not far from the town where I grew up. Winters around here are frosty, though still pretty mild by European or North American standards. They are also bone dry, so the above-ground part of grass dies off, and then bleaches in in the African sun. A day like this will be very brightly sunlit, but generally quite mild.