Sunday 12 May 2019

A Whale of a Tale

My latest venture in children's books, The Tale of Wally Whale, is finally available! It turned out to be a bit of a battle.

I decided to try out a new format, in which I stretch a single illustration across two facing pages - this is a popular format for children's books. Alas, I simply could not get Amazon's software to accept the paperback version of the manuscript. Either they simply cannot print it that way, or I did something wrong, but even with the friendly help of human operators at Amazon, I could not get the manuscript print-ready; I have no idea what went wrong.

This went on for weeks, and I eventually gave up. Looks like this one will only be available in electronic format!

EDIT, 23/7/2020: I decided to give it another go, and this time round managed to solve the technical problems. The book is finally available in a paperback format too.

Feeling sick to his stomach for no good reason, Wally has to travel all the way to the coral reef, to go ask the Sea Wizard for a cure... Ages 5 - 8.

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