Friday, 11 September 2020

Landscape near Kroonstad, Free State

 Acrylics on Masonite, 20 x 25 cm:


A friend had to drive to Kroonstad to go pick up a new puppy she had adopted, and I tagged along. Now many people would wonder whether I had lost it - the Free State? That flattest, most featureless, boring province of maize fields and cattle!? Well, call me crazy, but I think it is perhaps the most beautiful of all South Africa's provinces - sun-bleached plains stretching to forever, under an equally huge and bleached sky. Suddenly you feel like you can breathe again. 

Anyway, I took a few snapshots, none of which came out well (I suspect cell phone cameras don't do well under such intense light), but one can still use them for reference. One thing I notice about these lovely plains - it is really difficult to do them justice in a painting. As beautiful as they are when you're standing there, they don't necessarily make for a particularly striking painting, so painting this area makes for an interesting challenge.

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