Sunday, 12 May 2019

A Whale of a Tale

My latest venture in children's books, The Tale of Wally Whale, is finally available! It turned out to be a bit of a battle.

I decided to try out a new format, in which I stretch a single illustration across two facing pages - this is a popular format for children's books. Alas, I simply could not get Amazon's software to accept the paperback version of the manuscript. Either they simply cannot print it that way, or I did something wrong, but even with the friendly help of human operators at Amazon, I could not get the manuscript print-ready; I have no idea what went wrong.

This went on for weeks, and I eventually gave up. Looks like this one will only be available in electronic format!

Feeling sick to his stomach for no good reason, Wally has to travel all the way to the coral reef, to go ask the Sea Wizard for a cure... Ages 5 - 8.

Here are the first few pages:

For future books, I'll revert to the same format as previous ones. Trying out this format was an interesting experiment, but I can't go through all that again!