Wednesday 24 April 2024

Partial abandonment of this blog

Back in the days when I started this blog, blogs were very much a thing. Since then, social media have taken over a lot of the role blogs used to play. This happened with me, anyway: I nowadays post my artwork on several social media platforms, and I don't seem to have much else to say anyway. 

I have therefore decided it's hardly worth posting all the stuff here as well. I will continue to update the Books Page whenever new books become available, but will probably no longer come post every little thing I draw or paint here. My social media and other links can be found on my Link Tree, but I'll also put them below.

Social media:

I used to post paintings and sketches on Instagram, but I have abandoned the account - what with IG's hashtag function not really working, it isn't worth my while to bother anymore. The account, with previous posts, was left intact, if anyone is interested.

I have a Facebook Page, where I post new artwork for sale, as well as new books. I'll probably also now post sketches and such, which I used to put up on Instagram, there.

I also have a Personal Facebook Page where I post personal stuff. I readily accept friend requests, but note that the moment you message me to try selling me stuff, or start telling me about NFTs or cryptocurrency, you get blocked.


Every now and then I upload something that might make for a nice print to Redbubble.

I sell originals from my Yaga Shop. 


I upload photos and artwork to my galleries on DeviantArt. Incidentally, I do not mind if artists use any of my photos for reference.

In summary, I have not completely abandoned this blog, and it will remain online, but do not expect lively traffic here. 

Thursday 14 March 2024

Lone tree near Langverwacht

 Pen and watercolor on paper, 10 x 15 cm:

I haven't done much in watercolor, so it's a medium with which I'm a bit out of my depth. But it's also a medium that can give lovely results, so I'm considering practicing a bit, to see where, if anywhere, that will get me...

In the meantime, I also get up to all manner of other stuff on the web.