Sunday, 1 March 2020

Lots of mini-paintings

I have been rather busy with all manner of things, but made time to squeeze in small paintings whenever I could, trying out various styles and techniques. These are all about ACEO size, i.e. about 65 x 90 mm, and they are fun and quick to complete. They also give one opportunity to quickly try out new ideas or techniques.

Nowadays I turn these into fridge magnets by simply sticking a magnet to the back. In this form they have been doing reasonably well at a local gallery. I think I may upload some to my Bid-or-buy store as well... 

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Blue wall

Acrylics on Masonite, 25 x 20 cm:

This item may be for sale on my Bid-or-Buy store, or e-mail me at

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

A new book: Tall Trouble

Finally, my new children's book, Tall Trouble, is available at Amazon. Here's the cover:

Sarah finds a lost giraffe in the garden. But what on earth does one do with a giraffe? She finds out as they set off to find the giraffe's home...
Suitable for ages 5 - 8, or thereabouts.

Here are the first few pages:

or get the cheap digital version (not necessarily in color) here.

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Trumpet flowers

Acrylics on Masonite, 15 x 20 cm (= about 6 x 8 cm):

This item may be for sale on my Bid-or-Buy store, or contact me at brianvds at